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Top 10 Tours & Rentals in Paris

10. Blue Fox Travel

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Offering multiple tours through downtown Paris, Versailles, and the French countryside, Blue Fox is a purveyour of unforgettable Top 10 Paris tours. Play and eat where the locals do in the Off-the-Beaten-Path tour, or maybe just meander around what’s left of them in the Catacombs tour. Day tours, night tours, boat tours, minibus tours - you name it, Blue Fox has it, and often with VIP access! Come work off those Freedom Fries. Open 24/7.

9. Les Caves du Louvre

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If you come to France and don’t sample the wine, you’re doing it wrong. The former establishment of King Louis XV’s sommelier opened in 2015 to the public and now offers a self-guided walking tour using a free app. Choose from a selection of tours ranging from a small 1-wine sampling to a take-home personalized bottle. If you’ve been Pinteresting DIY-wine, now is your chance! Create your own wine online and pick it up when you arrive. Private tastings and winemaking workshops also available! Open daily 10 AM - 6 PM.

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8. Bateaux Parisiens

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The lazy river of French tourism! Hop on this cruise down the Seine River and view Paris’s majestic landmarks along its banks (another UNESCO World Heritage site): Tuileries Gardens, Louvre, Grand Palais, and more! Starting at the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame, this Top Ten Paris river cruise is a bang-for-your-buck hour-packed opportunity. Lunch, dinner, and Enchanted cruises also available! Tours depart every 30 minutes from 10 AM - 22:30 PM April-Sept. and every hour from 10:30 AM - 10 PM Oct.-Mar. 

7. WeGo Walking


Planes, trains, and automobiles — who needs ‘em when you’ve got feet? Slap on your Sketchers and meet your orange vest-clad guide outside Notre Dame to embark on a 3.5-hour introduction to the City of Lights. Although this Top 10 Paris tour does not enter these remarkable structures, it excels at providing you a fun and memorable roadmap of more than 20 historical places you may want to return to. Plus, there is no set fee as you pay the guide what you believe the tour was worth! How’s that for consumer satisfaction? Tours generally run from 9 AM - 12:30 PM with limited nighttime availability.

6. Ballon de Paris


This Top 10 Paris tour is the stuff of royalty, floating high above the smells and woes of the metropolis as you look down upon the common people. Plus, you’ll be the first in the know of Paris’s air quality as this balloon collects and reflects pollutant information! (Note: green good, red bad) Check before arriving as the balloon does not fly in adverse or windy weather. This balloon remains tethered to the ground, but free-flying operations are available outside the city limits. Operating hours 9 AM - approximately 9 PM. Top 10 Paris Tip: arrive early to avoid long wait lines!

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5. Cyclopolitain

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Not only are human rickshaw carts awesome (#savethedonkeys), but this Top 10 Paris tour includes the best kind of happy ending: a treasure hunt! Choose from a selection of three tours, all of which involve this Flintstone cart shuffling you to Paris’s main sites and even some secret ones. This fun, authentic, and certainly unique tour incorporates puzzles and games into the treasure hunt option, as well as macarons and champagne if you’re Fancy Feasting. Call ahead for hours and reservations!

4. Fat Tire Tours

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Does touring a big city overwhelm you with bus lines, subway routes, honking horns, and kamikaze pigeons? These Top 10 Paris bike and Segway tours are just right for you — predetermined and guided routes offer a safe and exciting option for newcomers to visit Paris (plus you have helmets to deflect the pigeon attackery). You can select from a variety of tours, including day, night, sunset and champagne, or specific locations on the bikes or Segways, and always travel in small groups. Open daily 9 AM - 7 PM. 

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3. Paris Metro


Fast, cheap, and gets around…. now you’re listening! Each line is numbered, and each direction is named after the train’s last stop. Be sure to pick up a city map from your hotel or online to find your way around! Be prepared for some stairs and walking if you are changing lines. Purchase tickets in the station with cash or chip credit cards. Line changes indicated with orange, exits (“sortie”) in blue. Operates Mon-Thur 5:30 AM - 12:40 AM, Fri-Sun 5:30 AM - 1:30 AM. 

2. RER


Not to be confused with the Metro! Five RER lines (A, B, C, D, and E) run throughout Paris and its suburbs, operating more as an express-only system and serving a wider area. It does, however, make connections with the inner city Metro lines so be careful to pay attention which one you are on, and whether your transportation pass covers just one or both. Let’s be real, you should just invest in a “If Found Return Me to Paris” shirt now. Operates 5:30 AM - 1 AM daily. 

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1. Horse and Carriage


Even if your Parisian “special someone” is the bro you met last night at the hostel, take him on this tour. From this romantic and leisurely carriage ride you depart from the Eiffel Tower and see the Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, and more iconic sites. Though most of these Top 10 Paris tours are 1 hour, you can upgrade to the 1.5 hour tour and roll in style with a bottle of champagne while admiring your majestic shire and his colossal poop bag. BYO chocolate covered strawberries. Departures on the hour from 1:00 - 6:00 PM.

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